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Combating Threats To Family Safety In The Modern World

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worldHaving a family is the biggest responsibility most people will undertake in their lifetime. Once children are born, the dynamics of an adult’s life shift to thoughts of providing the basic elements of a comfortable life for the family that quickly begins to take shape. One of the most important concerns for all parents is the overall safety of their children. In order to maintain the well-being of their children, parents are charged with the challenge of identifying modern safety concerns and, therefore, determining the best approach to take when eliminating these threats to overall family safety.

Internet Safety

Today’s modern world promotes the use of computers from a very early age. Families are connected through on-the-go internet availability, social media outlets, and direct access to just about anyone at anytime through the use of wireless devices that are held in the palm of your hand. The technology is remarkable, but can pose serious problems when it comes to keeping families safe.

Parents are, ultimately, responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of modern technology, and staying abreast of their children’s online activities. It’s important for parents to know which sites their children frequent, how often they visit, and with whom they are engaging while there. However, this can be a daunting task without the right equipment.

There are many trusted internet tools that can help keep kids safe on the internet. Although nothing will guarantee 100% safety, there are parental control options on many devices as well as apps and programs that can be installed to keep kids away from adult content and child predators. In addition, it’s crucial to talk to your kids and educate them on the dangers the internet may pose and how to avoid risky situations. Encouraging kids to inform a parent of questionable incidents can help avoid a negative situation. Continue reading

Teen Driver Safety Rules for Parents

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teen-driverThe CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens in the United States. Teens are shown to be more likely to speed, which is usually the cause of a fatal crash in this age group. Cell phone use while driving, and texting specifically, has also become a factor in many crashes in recent years, especially in the teenage population. In addition to being as dangerous as drinking and driving, it is also illegal in most states.

Parents cannot be in the car with their teens all the time. While you might like to think that your teen will always make good choices, even the most well behaved kids can make mistakes and get hurt or worse. Parents take steps and establish driving rules to limit this behavior before it happens. Set the rules, stick with them, and explain why each rule is important for their safety, all before they even have the license in their hands. While most of the tips below apply to high school students and those of a similar age, instilling the responsibility for their own safety from the start will still help them make good choices when they are away at college or other next step in their lives. Continue reading