mcgruffAccording to NCPC Safety should be one of the biggest concerns for a family. Every year there are thousands of people that get hurt in accidents that could have been prevented. These family safety tips will help teach children proper safety habits and reduce the chance of injury.

 Smoke Alarms

Many people do not know this but some alarms do have expiration dates. These alarms are good for a long time. According to besthomealarmsystemsreviews.com, they can last eight to ten years. At least twice a year the family should check the expiration date on the smoke alarm to make sure it is still good. Some of these alarms may have been sitting on the shelves in the store for a year which needs to be part of the time in use. When checking the date be sure to test the alarm to make sure it is still working. Test the batteries as well and replace them if needed.

 Check People Out

Before hiring a babysitter or anyone that is going to be in the home or around the children do not hesitate to asks that they have their background checks done. The person has to have checks done by the police, child abuse registries, and the FBI. Many of these checks can be done online. Schools and other facilities require their employees to have these checks performed before they are hired.

 Keep Things Locked

Even when all the family members are home keep the doors locked. There is no need to sit there with the door open for someone to walk in. Check the windows and make sure they are locked as well. Try to break into your home. This will allow you to see if there are any weak spots and areas that need additional protection.

 Set the Alarm

Be sure to have the alarm set during both night and day hours. About half of home invasions and robberies occur during the daytime so it is important to stay protected at all times. Even when leaving the home for just a couple of minutes make sure everything is locked and set.

Never Allow Children to Open the Door

Even when ordering pizza and waiting for the delivery driver never allow the children to open the door. Teach them proper safety habits as well. Before opening the door be sure to ask who is there and why they are there. If you do not know how someone is and no visitors are expected do not open the door and turn the person away. In some cases being rude is one of the best ways to stay safe.

 Keep Things Lit

Even at night when a house has a light on even an outside light robber are less likely to come to the home. Leave a porch light on all night. There are energy efficient light bulbs that can be purchased to save on the cost of electricity. If there are any parts of the yard that are dark motion sensors and lights can be installed.

 Know the Rules

Even when children are having friends over to play make sure they know the safety rules in the home. Tell them any areas that are off limits where the children should not be playing. Make sure they avoid driveways and areas that are close to the road. Be sure they are in sight at all times. If the children are playing outside keep an eye on them. That does not mean stand right on top of them but make sure the children are in view at all times.

 On Vacation

When the family is taking a vacation check to make sure all the locks including doors and windows are closed before heading off. Ask a family member or a close neighbor to pick up the mail. This will keep people from searching through personal information and account numbers.

These are just some ways to keep the family safe. Be sure to talk to the children about why they should not talk to stranger. Make sure they understand that why most people are okay there are some bad ones and they need to be careful just in case. Following these safety tips can help prevent accidents from happening and make sure everyone in the family stays safe.